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3D Game Shaders For Beginners

Running The Demo

Running The Demo

After you've built the example code, you can now run the executable or demo.


Here's how you run it on Linux or Mac.


Here's how you run it on Windows.

Demo Controls

The demo comes with both keyboard and mouse controls to move the camera around, toggle on and off the different effects, adjust the fog, and view the various different framebuffer textures.


You can rotate the scene around by holding down the Left Mouse button and dragging. Hold down the Right Mouse button and drag to move up, down, left, and/or right. To zoom in, roll the Mouse Wheel forward. To zoom out, roll the Mouse Wheel backward.

You can also change the focus point using the mouse. To change the focus point, click anywhere on the scene using the Middle Mouse button.


(C) 2019 David Lettier

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