The open-source, Haskell-built video editor for GIF makers.

What is Gifcurry?

Gifcurry is the open-source video editor for GIF makers. It's built with Haskell and works on Linux, Mac, and most likely Windows. There is both a graphical and command line interface.

What can Gifcurry do?

Gifcurry edits your GIFs or videos and turns them into videos or GIFs. You can crop, trim, seek, add text, pick a font, alter the duration, change the size, set the FPS, tweak the color count, enable dithering, import subtitles, and save your creation as either a GIF or video.

Where can I download Gifcurry?

Before you download Gifcurry, make sure your machine has GTK+, GStreamer, FFmpeg, and ImageMagick.

Linux users can download the AppImage or the prebuilt binaries. If you'd rather install it, you can do so via pacman (Arch) or snap. If you're really courageous, you can build it from source.

For Mac users, head over to the read me page and follow the instructions. Eventually there will be a Homebrew formula so installing Gifcurry on the Mac will be super easy.

Gifcurry hasn't been tested on Windows yet but there's no reason it shouldn't work. If you know how to build Haskell programs, go to the read me page and follow the instructions.

Where can I get help?

Found a bug? Need a feature? Can't install it? No worries. Point your browser to the issues page.

Copyright 2018 David Lettier